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Posterior Cervical Laminectomy


Posterior cervical laminectomy is a cervical (neck) spine surgery that involves the removal of the lamina (the back side of the spinal canal) and decompression of the spinal cord. This spinal surgery procedure aims to eliminate pressure on the spinal cord and irritation and inflammation on the spinal nerves. Posterior cervical laminectomy is often done for multilevel spinal cord compression from cervical spinal stenosis.

Cervical laminectomy begins with an incision down the posterior (back side) of the neck. University Spine Associates will use x-rays to determine the affected vertebrae and remove the lamina. Any bone spurs found on the back of the vertebrae are removed as well. This procedure will be accompanied by a posterior cervical fusion to support the vertebrae with a bone graft.

Complications and Rehabilitation
As with any surgery, there is a risk of complications with the cervical laminectomy. University Spine Associates take great care to minimize complications that could involve subsequent pain, impairment, or the need for additional surgery. However, we will openly discuss any complications that can be experienced during your consultations.

Following cervical laminectomy spinal surgery, you may be placed in a rigid brace to support your neck and head while the healing occurs. Rehabilitation is generally only needed for a short period of time, but full recovery can take up to three months. University Spine Associates may recommend outpatient physical therapy within four weeks after surgery, but will work closely with every patient to develop personal recovery plans based on unique patient needs.




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